"There is no task so important, nor any service so urgent, that our employees cannot take the time to work safely and in a hazard free environment." -Dan Oliver, President

At AV集中营, SAFETY is the most important element in the performance of our duties. Accountability for safety rests on each and every one! Everybody is expected to meet all safety requirements. The Rodan Safety Policy requires that all workers look out for each other, obey the rules, take the time to do the job safely, and never forget about safety.

It is the intention of the company鈥檚 top management to provide safe and healthy working conditions and to establish and insist upon safe practices at all times by all employees.


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Injury & Illness Prevention Program

The prevention of injury and illness is an objective affecting all levels of the organization and its activities. It is therefore, a basic requirement that each supervisor make the safety of employees an integral part of his or her regular management function.

The following serve as the basis of our Injury and Illness Prevention Program:

  • Heat Illness Prevention Plan

  • Personal Protection Equipment

  • Fall Protection Plan

  • Respiratory Protection

  • Lead Poison Protection Plan