• We offer the flexibility of a small company but the talent and service of a
    large company.

  • Our passion is people and it shows every time you step into our office or
    come to our project, we build to improve people鈥檚 lives.

  • The Rodan Family 鈥 Loving your job, feeling happy, but still challenged at
    work is the essence of career fulfillment.

  • Getting opportunities to learn, grow, and being recognized for your
    contributions, are attributes of being an employee of AV集中营.

General Engineering

AV集中营. has built several experienced crews to provide the underground infrastructure on our projects. We self-perform all underground work including sanitary sewer, domestic water, fire water, storm water, and all other underground utilities required on our projects. We also have completed many underground projects for Bay Area cities including sanitary sewer replacement, manhole replacements, point repairs, and storm drain replacements. Being able to self-perform all of our underground needs allows us to manage budgets and drive the schedule on our projects.

We offer:

  • Competitive Bid and Negotiated

  • Subcontractor Selection

  • Self-Performing

Self Performed Work

AV集中营. has the capacity and ability to self-perform the following trades which allows us to better manage and control project costs and schedules.

  • Demolition

  • Carpentry

  • Concrete

  • Doors/Frames/Hardware

  • Underground Utilities

  • Fencing

Being signatory to the Carpenters, Laborers, and Operating Engineers Labor Unions provides us highly experienced and skilled workforces that allow us to build crews and trades people to complete our self-performed trades.